Synchronous generator

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Synchronous generator vs. Induction generator

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It is also known as synchronous generator.5/5(5). The synchronous generator rotor and shaft or turbine blades are mechanically coupled to each other and rotates at synchronous speed.

Thus, the magnetic flux cutting produces an induced emf which causes the current flow in armature conductors. The generator is brought up to approximate synchronous speed by supplying more energy to its shaft - for example, opening the valves on a steam turbine, opening the gates on a hydraulic turbine, or increasing the fuel rack setting on a diesel engine.

The field of the generator is energized and the voltage at the terminals of the generator is observed. Synchronous generators are usually employed as sources of alternating current of a constant frequency. They are used, for example, in power stations, electrical installations, and transportation systems.

Synchronous generators came into use in the ’s when P. N. Jablochkov (Iablochkov) invented the arc lamp known as the Jablochkov candle. synchronous generators.

Synchronous Generators

Although most of the synchronous generators in the world operate as parts of large power systems, we start our discussion assuming that the synchronous generator works alone. Unless otherwise stated, the speed of the generator is assumed constant.

A synchronous generator spins at synchronous speed. A synchronous speed depends on the frequency of the power system [50 or 60Hs] and number of poles of the design of the rotating machine.

For example, the synchronous speed in rpm of a 2 pole 50hz system is 60 seconds x 50 cycle per second = 3, rpm.

Synchronous Generators Synchronous generator
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