Sustainability memo

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The big blue buildings of Ikea have sprouted solar panels and wind turbines; inside, shelves are stocked with LED lighting and recycled cotton.

Why? Because as Steve Howard puts it: “Sustainability has gone from a nice-to-do to a must-do.” Howard, the chief sustainability officer at the furniture megastore, talks about his quest to sell eco-friendly materials and practices -- both. Questions? Kristen von Hoffmann, Sustainability Manager, CPS,[email protected] Meryl Brott, Recycling Program Manager, DPW,[email protected] Use tap water instead of bottled water.

Get used binders from Cambridge Recycling. Plan zero waste events and reduce food waste. Use natural light from windows.

Sustainability and Green Government Policies Memo November 2, 3 To institutionalize sustainability as a component of municipal. USPS and DoD signed a memorandum of understanding that allows employees of DoD to recycle qualified personally owned consumer electronic devices.

This free program helps implement the goals of EO (Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy and Economic Performance). Sustainability and Green Government Policies Memo November 2, 3 To institutionalize sustainability as a component of municipal government and daily operations. Sustainable development is the organizing principle for meeting human development goals while at the same time sustaining the ability of natural systems to provide the natural resources and ecosystem services upon which the economy and society depends.

The desired result is a state of society where living conditions and resource use continue to meet human needs without undermining the.

Sustainability memo
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