Multiple element arrangements

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Service contracts: Percentage of completion or proportional performance?

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Multiple Element Revenue Arrangements: Compliance with Microsoft Dynamics

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Differences between GAAP and IFRS on Revenue Recognition

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The guidance on accounting for arrangements with multiple deliverables is primarily codified in. Think for a minute about how ubiquitous software has become.

How many everyday consumer products, such as mobile devices, have embedded software today? Exhibit 2 summarizes the accounting for the various possible separate elements of a multiple element arrangement.

Software revenue recognition under SOP On August 9,IMAX announced that it was responding to an informal inquiry from the SEC regarding the Company's timing of revenue recognition, including its application of multiple element arrangement accounting in its revenue.

Codification Topic Revenue Recognition Multiple-Element Arrangements Revenue Recognition ASC was updated by ASU > to reflect the contents of EITF May 07,  · Multiple-element arrangements must be evaluated for separation to determine whether there are multiple units of accounting within the multiple-element arrangement.

Definition of "Arrangement" - A group of contracts or agreements may be so closely related that they are, in effect, parts of a single arrangement. Revenue recognition for multiple-element arrangements as occurred in the Xerox case discussed in this chapter calls for determining the stand-alone selling price for each of the deliverables and using it to separate out the revenue amounts.

Multiple element arrangements
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