Mr irungu

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Suspect in Monica Kimani’s murder case, Joseph Irungu arraigned in court

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Mr Irungu’s father, whose identity we have protected for his and the family’s security, said he sympathised with the family of Ms Kimani, but he believes his son was not involved in her murder because he was brought up well and in strict adherence to Christian values.

Mr Maribe added that his family fears for the life of Jacque Maribe should she testify against the prime suspect and lover, Joseph Irungu. “He may not have committed the crime alone.

The man has deep connections with shadowy people. However the prosecution told the court that they had only conducted a mental assessment on Mr. Irungu and therefore requested for a deferment in taking the plea. The two will appear in court on October 15 after the assessment has been done on Jacque Maribe.

Irungu's father says his son didn’t do it On the wrong side of the story Mr Irungu, whose hand was in a sling and was chewing gum while on the dock, will also get treatment for his gunshot wound.

Mr Irungu is a suspect and so far has not been charged with any offence. Mr Maribe claimed that Jowie and Jacque were not in good terms adding that on September 20, a day after Monica's murder, Ms Maribe had a major fallout with the suspect.

Mr irungu
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Jacque Maribe's Dad: "My Daughter Wanted To End Relationship With Joseph Irungu."