Metrology lab

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Alignment and Metrology Department

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State-of-the-Art Testing Facilities

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3D Optical Sensing in Information Processing Laboratory

Shop Floor or Gage Lab RAM systems are designed to be used in any part of the manufacturing process - from design engineering to fabrication, assembly or final inspection. The Industrial Metrology business group is a leading manufacturer of multidimensional metrology solutions. These include coordinate measuring machines, optical and multisensor systems and metrology software for the automotive, aircraft, mechanical engineering, plastics.

"Guest Editorial Focused Section on sensing and perception systems for intelligent manufacturing (SPIM)," IEEE/ASME Trans. Mechatronics ().

Force gauge calibration from 50 grams to ,LB. Loadcell Calibration from Experience the performance of portable 3D scanners. Whether you are in the lab, on the shop floor, or out in the field, you need to rely on portable, metrology-grade 3D scanners that pack a true punch in terms of ease of use, accuracy, resolution, reliability and fast data acquisition.

Metrology Lab. The Kentucky Metrology Laboratories provide calibration services and technical guidance for private industries, scale and meter repair companies, other state agencies, and weights and measures inspectors within the division.

Metrology lab
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