Common problems encountered by freshmen students

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Ten Common Problems Students Face in College

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7 Common Problems Students Face During University Life

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Common Problems College Freshmen Might Face

So, How to deal with guidance issues in college?. Housing Problems You may get a place in the hostel or dorm, but it is really difficult to find student accommodation that is right for you.

You have to consider factors such as distance, rent rates, facilities, roommates etc. Students face housing problems all the time so. Nov 17,  · Ten Common Problems Students Face in College. Updated on December 2, Freshmen suffer more, as it is presumably their first year away from home.

l have been following the ten common problems faced by college students and from what l see is all the ten problems have to do with time management.

First-Year Challenges

Only when you manage your time Reviews: 7 Common Study Problems and How to Deal with Them 20 comments Everyone experiences difficulties with studying at one time or another, and overcoming these challenges is all part of the learning process, particularly when you have a large workload.

Students may need to talk about switching roommates if the situation becomes intolerable – for example, if a roommate is abusive. The RA can help with that as well. Fortunately for this problem, as for many of the other common problems freshmen face, colleges have a wealth of resources for students to lean on in times of trouble.

Resources That Can Help For academic issues, students should first talk to their professors and academic advisors for help. This study determined and analysed the problems and difficulties encountered by Bachelor of Elementary Education sophomore students towards mastering learning competencies in mathematics.

Common problems encountered by freshmen students
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First-Year Challenges