Bamboo as an engineering material

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Bamboo textile

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These stirrups are dependable at 10 in. Bold shear at the support, V, is detailed as: Further, it has been born that in seismic zones the failure of material is very less as the key absorption of the energy is at the arguments. Bamboo as a Building Material Seminar and PPT with pdf report: It is widely used for many forms of construction, in particular for housing in rural areas.


This page contains Bamboo as a Building Material Seminar and PPT with pdf report. The use of bamboo as a construction material is not new and many countries have been using it to build homes for centuries.

Generally when we think of a house made of bamboo the picture that comes to mind is a small hut in a village. Bamboo: The new super construction material August 16,University of Bath Researchers in Bath are exploring the use of bamboo for the widespread construction of homes.

material for centuries, engineers and architacts find difficulty in accessing technica! information on the strength and behaviour of bamboo and its varied use as an engineering materiaL lt was agreed that there was an urgent need to compile such information fora ready.

The research is part of the recently formed Nonconventional Engineering Materials Initiative (NocEMat) at Pitt. “In its natural full-culm (hollow tube) state, bamboo has evolved to efficiently resist a variety of environmental loads, which is why it makes a superb building material.

Feb 20,  · Here he became fascinated about bamboo structures. Inhe moved to the UK to study an MSc in Earthquake Engineering. From to he worked in consultancy, working as a structural engineer.

Bamboo as an engineering material
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What are the Mechanical Properties of Bamboo?