Anti lock breaking system

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How Anti-Lock Brakes Work

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Anti-Lock Braking System

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Anti-lock braking system

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How Anti-Lock Brakes Work

Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) take a lot of the challenge out of this sometimes nerve-wracking event. In fact, on slippery surfaces, even professional drivers can't stop as quickly without ABS as an average driver can with ABS.

Anti-Lock Braking System

An anti-lock braking system (ABS) is a safety anti-skid braking system used on aircraft and on land vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, trucks and buses. ABS operates by preventing the wheels from locking up during braking, thereby maintaining tractive contact with the road surface. Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) help you steer in emergencies by restoring traction to your tires.

What It Does What It Does: Helps prevent wheels from locking up – possibly allowing the driver to steer to safety. Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) take a lot of the challenge out of this sometimes nerve-wracking event.

In fact, on slippery surfaces, even professional drivers can't stop as quickly without ABS as an average driver can with ABS. What is Anti-lock braking system (ABS) in cars? As the name signifies, the anti-lock braking system is a safety system in cars and other automobiles that keeps their wheels from locking up and helps their drivers to maintain steering control.

Anti lock breaking system
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